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As you may have noticed, Millenials tend to drink less wine. They find more attractive to drink beer, for example. This and other thoughts, led us to develop “VOTA VINO”: a project that seeks to get a deeper understanding of the Millenials consumption habits through data collection and analysis.

We conducted a digital and physical campaign. Just like the wine, politicians in our country are not attractive to young people. That’s why we launched the campaign in the very same dates, while the general election was taking place. We encouraged people to fill our survey in order to gather data. Flyers were available at the end of the survey, and thanks to social media and wineries, we gained support and rapidly obtained data.

In order to obtain accurate information that would allow us to test our hypothesis, we structured the survey into three parts:

General questions about wine such as what was your first experience with wine?
Consumption habits. Questions that begin with Who, With, Where, etc.
Perception. Questions related to formats, wine-related vocabulary, and so on.

After the campaign was over, we ended up with more than 15408 data points of approximately 1000 people.

VOTA VINO seeks to draw attention to the young people to obtain the maximum data points and, as in presidential elections, contribute to shaping the future of wine.


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